We have a “Spinal Emergency” here. It happens when there is compression of the nerves beneath the spinal cord. The skin around the lower and back passages receives feeling from the same nerves that supply the bladder and intestines. 

A diverse spectrum of symptoms and indicators make up the condition. Via an MRI scan, the diagnosis is verified if the clinical index of suspicion is even moderate.

Perineal numbness and any other symptom or sign requires specialist referral

It is frequently only possible to rule out a surgically curable reason using specialized imaging, most frequently an MRI scan.

Many people put off seeing medical professionals because they do not think their symptoms are serious enough. If specialized spinal care is delayed further, it may cause severe disability and give rise to legal action for medical malpractice.

Patients may fare better if referrals are made promptly following comprehensive evaluation.

In order to facilitate evaluation and prevent pain from inhibiting bladder function due to spinal discomfort alone, prompt and sufficient analgesia is crucial.

According to available research, surgical decompression works better if it is done within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. If surgery is necessary, the majority of surgeons would like to perform it as soon as it is safe to do so.

Referrals for this ailment must be made immediately to a secondary care specialist who can confirm the diagnosis and provide treatment.

Patient Information

You may have cauda equine syndrome if you have severe sciatica or back pain, as well as numbness in the back passage or lower region. Six to ten cases per million people make it uncommon. To be sure, if nothing else, doctors are pleased to see and evaluate this diagnosis.

In order to reassure you or set up appropriate urgent tests, such an MRI scan, you should be evaluated immediately by someone with the necessary training and experience if you have numbness around the anus or back passage and any changes in the control of your bladder or bowel functions.